Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Welcome to Sunset Point, a thriving community where Council’s strategic vision is transforming the future. With our comprehensive asset management plans, including the Road Master Plan and Stormwater Master Plan, and the ongoing development of our Strategic Plan, we are committed to creating a prosperous and sustainable town.

At Sunset Point , we understand the significance of proactive planning in fostering growth and progress. Our Road Master Plan ensures the efficient management and maintenance of our transportation networks, guaranteeing safe and reliable journeys for residents and visitors alike. By optimizing traffic flow and minimizing congestion, we enhance connectivity, accessibility, and overall mobility throughout our town.  

ROADWAY Master Plan 

Equally important is our Stormwater Master Plan, which addresses the critical issue of water management. Through innovative strategies and infrastructure, we mitigate flooding risks, protect natural resources, and promote responsible water usage. Our comprehensive approach safeguards the environment and ensures the well-being of our community, even in the face of extreme weather events.

You can find our Plan here:
1. Stormwater Management Plan        
2. Existing Infrastructure Review  

To chart our course effectively, we are currently developing our Strategic Plan. This visionary document will articulate our goals, priorities, and initiatives, aligning them with the needs and aspirations of Sunset Point. By engaging stakeholders, listening to their voices, and considering their perspectives, we build a future that reflects the collective vision and values of our community.

These plans are paramount in guiding our decisions, resource allocation, and service delivery. Through strategic planning and comprehensive asset management, Council can allocate resources efficiently, prioritize investments wisely, and optimize the utilization of public funds. Ultimately, this leads to improved infrastructure, enhanced quality of life, and sustainable growth for Sunset Point.