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The Summer Village of Sunset Point is located approximately 75 km northwest of Edmonton on the southeast shore of Lac Ste. Anne Alberta. It was officially established in January 1959 with 50 summer residents. Today there are 242 full-time residents and 364 dwellings in our village. The Sunset Point Pentecostal Church Camp is included in the village boundaries.

Residents enjoy a quality of life centred on community activities and the opportunities that proximity to the lake affords.

We are governed by an elected council of three volunteer members who serve a three year term of office. 

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Summer Village of Sunset Point – Our History

The Summer Village of Sunset Point sits on the southeast shore of Lac Ste. Anne. The village was officially established on January 21, 1959 with only 50 residents. Today there are 189 properties.

It is important that residents and visitors understand their role in protecting Lac Ste. Anne and the lake ecosystem as a whole. What can seem like an unimportant or minor action by one person can be magnified when repeated by many and can significantly impact the quality of our lake’s water, the plants and animals that rely on it and the humans that enjoy it for recreational activities. Learn more about lake stewardship.