Council Meeting Dates, Agendas & Minutes

Council Meeting Dates Agendas & Minutes

The Scheduled Council meetings  occur the first Wednesday of the month and start at 5:15pm at the Village office located at  Sunset Drive. The meeting dates  are as follows:  

Wednesday January 3rd 2024

Wednesday February 7th 2024

Wednesday March 6th  2024

Wednesday April 3rd  2024

Wednesday May 1 2024

Wednesday June 5 2024

Wednesday July 3 2024

Wednesday August 7th 2024

Wednesday September 4th 2024

Wednesday October 2nd 2024

Wednesday December 4th 2024

Community Open House will be held August 17th 2024 at 1030am at the Alberta Beach Seniors Centre

They are subject to change up to or during the Council meeting. For a copy of the most current Agenda, please go to the main page by clicking the logo to the top right.