Assessment & Taxation

Assessment & Taxation

  • Assessment
  • What is Property Assessment?
    Property Assessment is the process of estimating a fair actual value (average market value) of a property for taxation purposes.
  • Assessments for all types of property are prepared annually by accredited municipal assessors appointed by the municipality and governed by provincial legislation and regulation
  • Assessments are based on market conditions as of July 1 of the previous year and on the properties physical condition and characteristics as of December 31 of the previous year.
  • Assessors obtain required information through many means including site inspections, building permits and blueprints, aerial imagery, GIS data, sales information from Alberta Registries, MLS data, industry publications and by annual written requests. Learn more about request for information surveys RFI’s.
  • The property assessment is used to fairly distribute the annual tax revenue requirements throughout the municipality.
  • Who is your Municipal Assessor?

Kevin Lawrence, AMAA.

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What If I Disagree With My Assessment?
If you have questions concerning your property assessment or you feel that your assessment is inaccurate you should inquire with the Assessor by filling out an inquiry form

The assessor will contact you to discuss your concerns and may request amongst other things, documentation (appraisals, sales docs, lease information, plans, etc.) relating to your opinion of value for this property and/or inspect the property to determine if an error was made. If the assessor agrees the original notice is not accurate, a corrected notice may be issued. Assessment reviews and possible amendments only pertain to the current assessment notice.

If after speaking with the assessor, you still feel that your assessment does not accurately reflect a fair and equitable value of your property at July 1 of the previous year, then there is a formal appeal process to file an assessment appeal. 

Assessment complaints should be submitted in writing to:

Assessment Review Board Clerk

  • Address: Capital Region Assessment  Service Commission

11810 Kingsway

Edmonton, AB  T5G OX5

Telephone:  780 451 4191


  • Assessment complaints must be submitted on the prescribed form (available from the Assessment Review Board Clerk). The appeal fee in the amount established by the Sunset Fees and Charges Bylaw and payable to the Summer Village within 60 days of the mailing date of the tax notice. 
  • 2023 Tax Roll Assessment Information


What Are Property Taxes?

Each year, Sunset Point’s Council and Administration determine the cost and the municipal budget required to provide local services, including but not limited to:

  • Bylaw Enforcement
  • Recreation
  • Administration
  • Community & Social Services
  • Park Maintenance
  • Library Resources
  • Protective Services (Fire,)
  • Planning for Future Infrastructure
  • Road Construction & Maintenance (snow clearing, resurfacing, etc.)

When Are Tax Notices Sent and Due?

The annual Property Taxes Notices will be mailed in May and are due June 30th . 
Your tax bill includes municipal taxes, education taxes, police tax and senior foundation requisitions. Only the municipal taxes are retained by Sunset Pointt to help pay for municipal services. 




New Method of Payment for Taxes in 2024

The Summer Village of Sunset Point is pleased to offer
payments via credit card, Interac e-Transfer, In-person at a post office using  cash or debit, and PayPal. This service is being offered through 
 a secure, third-party Canadian payment provider. All fees are paid to PaySimply and Summer Village of Sunset Point does not retain any portion of the fee. You will be notified of the fee amount before the payment is processed. You will also receive an email confirmation of your transaction including fees paid. Go to