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The Lake Isle, Lac Ste Anne Water Quality Management Society (LILSA) is a non-profit society.  The members and executive of LILSA are regular people like you who are concerned about our lakes.  They are holding their annual general Meeting August 20, 2022  9:30...

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August 3 2022 Council Meeting

Please find the agenda of the August 3 2022 Council Meeting attached here. Please note due to the venue change no zoom access to the meeting is available.

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Papal Visit July 26th 2022

Please be advised that while passes are not required to get into the Village during July 26th. There will be road checks on the way to the Village all someone has to do is inform them they are going to a specific address in Sunset Point and they should be waived thru...

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Notice of Special Council Meeting June 23 2022 at 6:00pm

Summer Village of Sunset Point NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING OF MUNICIPAL COUNCIL I, Gwen Jones , Mayor of the Summer Village of Sunset Point  in the Province of Alberta, pursuant to the authority vested in me under section 194 of the Municipal Government Act, HEREBY...

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Notice of Tax and Assessment Notices

As per Section 311 of the MGA, Notice is hereby given that the combined assessment and tax notices for the Summer Village of  Sunset Point were mailed May 21, 2022 Assessment Appeal Deadline is July 16th 2022. Taxes are due  June 30th 2022

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Promotional Seedling Give away Limited Supplies

LILSA trying to increase awareness of the organization and it mission.  The Society will be setting up a booth at the Alberta Beach Farmers Market on Sunday May 29th  it will be open from 12:00 until 3:00.  As a promotion they will have some native...

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Attention New Property Owners

To anyone who has purchased their property in Sunset Point since December 2021. Please be aware that Land Titles is extremely delayed. The Village will be sending out tax notices in the coming weeks and they will be sent to the property address registered at Land...

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Calendar of Events

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August 3rd 2022 Council Meeting

Please join our August 3rd   2022  Council meeting via zoom. Starting at  5:15pm. Please click the link below to attend.


 Password is Sunset