Recreation Services

Recreation Services


Sunset Point is well known for its beautiful parks, trails and natural areas. There is something for everyone to enjoy!  Service Clubs: Lac Ste. Anne area is home to a vibrant community of clubs and organizations that contribute to the well-being of our residents, making it an exceptional place to live. If you’d like to promote your club on our website, please get in touch with us.

Alberta Beach District Active 50+ Club: The Alberta Beach Active 50 Plus Club offers an extensive range of social activities, fostering friendships and strengthening bonds among community adults, seniors, and their families. For more information, please visit the Alberta Beach website under Residents > Community Information > Community Service Groups.

Beachwave Park: Situated in Alberta Beach, within Lac Ste. Anne County, Beachwave Park is your go-to destination for a memorable recreational experience. This year, we’re thrilled to offer extended services and programs, along with exciting new features. Expect expanded arts and crafts programs, specialty seasonal events, fun-filled water games under the sun, and thrilling athletic competitions like the highly anticipated Beachwave Hotshots basketball contest. We’ve also expanded our popular equipment lending system to include skateboards, helmets, elbow & knee pads, toys, balls, and more for the little ones. Discover additional information about the various clubs, including the Beachwave Park Jr. Hockey League, Beachwave BMX Club, and Lionhead Motorsport R/C Club, on our website at

Museums: Alberta Beach & District Museum and Archives: Located in the Village of Alberta Beach, the Alberta Beach & District Museum and Archives narrates the fascinating story of our community’s founding, settlement, and development from the past to the present. Operated by the Alberta Beach & District Museum and Archives Society, the museum collects, preserves, researches, exhibits, and interprets historical artifacts. Don’t miss out on Heritage Village, a park that showcases beautifully restored heritage buildings from our area.

Alberta Beach & District Museum and Archives:

  • Address: 4519 46 Street, Alberta Beach
  • Phone: 780-924-2140

Onoway Museum: Discover the Onoway Museum conveniently located at the corner of 49th Street and Lac Ste Anne Trail North in Onoway, Alberta. Immerse yourself in the rich history of our region through engaging exhibits and displays.

Boat Launches: For water enthusiasts, several boat launches are available in the following communities:

  • Alberta Beach
  • Yellowstone
  • West Cove
  • Warwa Estates

Winter Activities: During the winter season, Alberta Beach offers fantastic opportunities for outdoor enjoyment. Visit our outdoor skating rink and skateboard park, conveniently located east of the Alberta Beach Hotel. Bundle up and embrace the winter fun!

Welcome to our vibrant community, where we take pride in offering a wide range of recreation services for residents and visitors alike. From parks and boat launches to libraries, skate rinks, and trails, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Explore the various offerings below and make the most of your leisure time.

Parks: Our meticulously maintained parks provide beautiful green spaces where you can relax, play, and connect with nature. Whether you’re looking for a picnic spot, a place to exercise, or a playground for the little ones, our parks offer a serene and welcoming environment for all.


Boat Launches: For those eager to set sail on our pristine lakes and rivers, our convenient boat launches provide easy access to the water. Whether you’re an avid angler or simply seeking a leisurely boating experience, our well-maintained launches ensure a smooth and enjoyable start to your aquatic adventures.


Libraries: Escape into a world of knowledge and imagination at our community libraries. With a diverse collection of books, magazines, and multimedia resources, our libraries cater to readers of all ages and interests. Discover a cozy reading nook, engage in educational programs, or simply explore the vast array of literary treasures within our walls.


Skate Rinks: Embrace the magic of winter at our well-maintained skate rinks. Lace up your skates and glide across the glistening ice as you create lasting memories with family and friends. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or a novice on the ice, our rinks provide a safe and enjoyable space for all skill levels.


Trails: Embark on an outdoor adventure and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of our community through our picturesque trails. Whether you prefer walking, jogging, or cycling, our well-marked trails wind through scenic landscapes, offering a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We are committed to providing exceptional recreation services to enhance your leisure time and create memorable experiences. Explore our offerings, gather with friends and family, and embrace the opportunities our community provides for relaxation, connection, and enjoyment. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events and programs to further enrich your recreational experience.


Come and experience the wonders of our community’s recreation services. Rediscover the joy of play, the thrill of exploration, and the tranquility of nature as you immerse yourself in all that our diverse range of offerings has to offer.