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Restricted Items in Garbage

Please remember that certain items can not go in your Village garbage bin. This week we had someone place Motor Oil in their bin. Remember the following things are restricted: Animal Carcasses, Vehicle Oil, Chemical Wastes, Paints, Solvents, Radio Active Wastes.

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September 28th 2021 Agenda Package

Please open this post and click here to access a full Agenda Package for the September 28th 2021 Council Meeting. Please note that agenda is subject to change up to the start of the meeting.

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Voter Eligibility in Summer Villages

Voter Eligibility in Summer Villages In Accordance with the Local Authorities Elections Act. Below are direct excerpts from the Act on who is eligible to vote in a Summer Village: Summer villages Section 12 The provisions of this Act that apply to municipalities apply...

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Municipal Election Candidates

Nominations were accepted on June 26, 2021, the following are your 2021 Municipal Election Candidates for the Summer Village of Sunset Point:Purnell Brian, Packer Keir, Robinson Leanne, Morrison Faye, Martin Richard Lang, Jones Gwen, Ekins, Riley,

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Municipal Election and Nomination Date

2021 is set to be an exciting year in the Village with it being an election year. Please be advised that if you are considering running for Council, Notice is hereby given that Nomination Day for the Summer Village of Sunset Point, in the Province of Alberta is...

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Summer Village Direct Communication List

In an effort to provide residents with better communication. The Summer Village has joined all net communication. Please sign up by clicking here. By signing up we may contact you with updates or provide notification in the event of emergencies.

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Public Meeting

Please join our  September 28th 2021 Council meeting via zoom. Starting at 4:30pm. Please click the link below to attend.



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