Fire Services to the Summer Village of Sunset Point are contracted through the Onoway Regional Fire Services (operated by NorthWest Fire Rescue). Fires are reported by dialing 911.

Sunset Point is serviced through the Albert Beach Fire Department. This is a paid and volunteer-based fire service. They are always looking for new members. If you are interested in learning more visit //!about2/c6pm or contact the Albert Beach Fire Department (North West Fire Rescue)  Phone: 1 (877) 393 – 7498

Sunset Point does not issue fire permits. We do, however, advise that if you are having a large fire, that you contact NorthWest Fire Services. If the fire hall is not advised and is called to the scene, you will be responsible for costs associated with their response.

Please be advised that there is a  Recovery of fire extinguishing costs Bylaw in effect for our community.