LILSA trying to increase awareness of the organization and it mission.  The Society will be setting up a booth at the Alberta Beach Farmers Market on Sunday May 29th  it will be open from 12:00 until 3:00.  As a promotion they will have some native flowering plant seedlings to give away.

In addition LILSA has provided the Village of Sunset Point with a number of tree and shrub seedlings.  (When they say seedlings they are talking about plants that are essentially plugs for planting without a pot or container.  They are like grade one trees.)  The seedlings available to Village residents include:  

5 Bear Berry

5 Wildrose

5 Dwarf Birch

20 Lodgepole Pine

10 Tamarack

Because of the limited number of trees and shrubs available there will be a limit of five plants per household.  They are free of charge.  You can reserve your plants on a first come first serve basis by emailing they  can be picked up at the Alberta Beach Farmers Market on May 29th at the LILSA both.