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How can the Chief Administrative Officer be reached?

Chief Administrative Officer –

When are Council meetings?

Regular council meetings are held approximately once a month.

Where are Council Meetings Held?

Council meetings are held at the Sunset Point Multi Purpose Facility.

Does my dog require a license?

No, but please recognize that control of your pets and responsible pet ownership is needed to make our community enjoyable for all our residents and visitors. Bylaw 235 Animal Control defines the regulations surrounding pets.

What is the population of Sunset Point?

We are a community of about 242 full-time residents and there are 364 residences within our boundaries according to the Statistics Canada 2006 census.

If I am building or renovating, do I need a building permit?

Development in the Summer Village of Sunset Point requires a permit to be obtained. This pertains to the following:

  • Construction or excavation, in, on, over or under land
  • In the making of any change/alterations in the use of any building: also included in this is the removal of top soil; the demolition of a building, the digging of a well or installation of a water cistern, erection of a tarped garage and operating a home-based business.

For all development questions, Development Permits, and Compliance Certificates please contact:

PO Box 596

Alberta Beach, Alberta T0E 0A0



When are Tax and Assessment notices mailed?

The combined tax and assessment notice is mailed annually no later than May 31 of each year.

When are my Property Taxes due?

Property taxes are due by June 30 annually. A monthly tax payment plan is available.

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